We’re big on team ups, here at VICÍ. Working together, we can accomplish so much more, and get you the results you are looking for. We’ve partnered up with the best brands in the beauty industry to give us—and you—the tools to make your hair, skin, and nails look and feel fabulous. Check out these brands who share in our vision.

Aveda Hair Care

Harvested worldwide, Aveda takes pride in using natural ingredients in their hair care products. Their professional products care for your hair and the world we live in. The result: winning professional products that leave your hair healthy, shiny, and invigorated. And darn if they aren’t some of the best products we've ever smelled!

Aveda Makeup

Aveda goes to great lengths to be respectful of the earth. Combining minerals and plant-derived ingredients, Aveda makeup cares for your skin in addition to making you look beautiful. Founded by a hairdresser in 1978, we find Aveda to be an essential partner at our Aveda Institutes.

BaByliss Flat Irons

BaByliss understands that sometimes you don't have hours to make yourself beautiful, but mere minutes. These flat irons heat quickly—some in only 15 seconds. So you can tame that mane and be out the door, looking fabulous. Did we mention how pretty and colorful they are?

GHD Flat Irons

GHD promises that you can nail that fashionista look you're after with their selection of flat irons. They claim that their products have a cult-like following. We can see why; these irons, many with chic carrying bags, will help you look polished and are available for purchase, at our salons.

Glo Minerals Makeup

Glo Minerals is skin-nurturing, preservative-free makeup that provides UV protection, and the same antioxidants you'll find in super foods. Their fragrance-free and irritant-free product line is kind on your face and body. They'll have you glowing in no time!


"Closer to stylists. Closer to Hair" is their motto...makes sense to us. Best known for their amazing hair color, they also carry an assortment of haircare and styling products. We utilize their professional products to help ensure lots of good hair days for you!

Hot Tools Curling Irons

Hot Tools curling irons heat up quickly so we can curl to our heart's content—and yours! Salon-grade curling irons, with patented, powerful heating systems help you to achieve professional results at home.


NIOXIN is a full hair product line that delivers five effects for thicker, more denser-looking hair. Genetics, stress, diet, nutrition and medicines can all effect the health of your hair. NIOXIN addresses these factors to give you back hair that is healthy, and full. A little extra confidence is bound to be a side effect.


Sebastian talks up fearless looks, limitless styles, and creativity on their website. What does that mean to you? Hair products we use that create cool styles, that are silky-smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. If you've got it flaunt it!


Unite is a premium, boutique line of professional haircare products. Their products are made with the finest, carefully selected ingredients. From gluten-free deep penetrating moisturizing treatments, to paraben-free shampoos (that means preservative-free, in case you were wondering), they believe in keeping things real—makes for a good fit with us!

Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor's unique spectrum was designed to remove all barriers to color expression. Our creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to avant-garde, and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular.