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This firecracker of a personality has been around the world before finally moving here 5 years ago from California. She spent her childhood in Palestine, where she learned more about the culture and religion.
She has four older brothers. When each of them graduated high school in Palestine, they moved to the US. When the last brother graduated from high school, she moved to Wisconsin with him, where her aunt and cousins live. She was impressed with the education and job prospects, and started attending school for architecture at UWM. Two years later, she decided archetecture wasn’t where she wanted to be, and decided to follow her heart by attending VICI Beauty School for Cosmetology.

Savannah speaks fluent Arabic and English, but you wouldn’t know that English is her second language. “I don’t have an accent so no one ever knows,” she laughed.
If you don’t catch her at the salon… well, good luck! Savannah works three jobs just for fun. After leaving VICI, she works at a makeup store two days a week, and on Sundays she has the exciting job of helping people rent jet skiis and boats. In whatever spare time she might have left, she models for an Islamic wear boutique.
For her clients in the salon, she loves creating beautiful balayages and ombrés and does amazing makeup! For more of her work, check out @everything_beautyby_sav