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Nourish Your Lips with the New Feed My Lips Collection

Nourish your lips with long lasting, rich color from the lipsticks in Aveda’s new Feed My Lips collection.These lipsticks are 95% naturally derived and offer long-wearing comfort. Aveda created these lipsticks with nourishing, certified organic cupuaçu fruit butter, botanical oils and their signature certified organic peppermint, vanilla and ginger aroma-flavor. You’ll feel the botanicals on […]

Here’s Why You Need to Get Regular Hair Trims

regular hair trims

We’ve all heard the rule that we should get our hair cut every six to eight weeks to keep it healthy, but is that true? And if it is, why is that the case? In addition to keeping your hairstyle looking its best, regular trims remove split ends and promote healthy growth. Your Style will […]

Caring for Your Natural Hair

To maintain healthy hair and beautiful curls, it’s vital that you know how to properly care for your natural hair. If you’re transitioning to natural hair from a previous style, we want to help you do it correctly so that you’re not frustrated with the journey. No matter your hair type, there are a few […]

5 Wisconsin Winter Hair Care Tips

5 Wisconsin Winter Hair Care Tips

We all know that Midwest winters can be hard. In Wisconsin, we’ll deal with freezing temperatures and snow flurries for months. In addition to causing traffic delays and cabin fever, the long months can also stress your hair and scalp. Here are 5 hair care tips to keep your hair and scalp healthy all winter […]

You’re Invited to our Holiday Client Appreciation Party!

We love our guests, and to say “thanks,” we’re throwing our annual Holiday Client Appreciation Party! This is the perfect time to treat yourself and stock up on Christmas presents for family and friends. We’ll have soda you can enjoy. There will also be delicious appetizers, but best of all – Aveda and almost all […]

What You Need to Know about Split Ends

Split ends occur when the cuticle of your hair – the outermost layer – becomes damaged. When the cuticle is damaged, it’s susceptible to cracking and splitting. This is when those annoying split ends appear, and your hair begins to look unhealthy. Here’s what you need to know to prevent split ends and how to […]

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is about a week away, and we’re excited to become witches, ghouls and goblins. We’re creatives, and we love getting to create unique hair and makeup styles on All Hallow’s Eve. If you’re still not sure what to dress as for Halloween, maybe a few of our favorite tutorials will inspire you. If you’re […]

Receive Free Aveda Products with any Star Product Purchase

Aveda has amazing products, and based on product ratings, they’ve created an all-star lineup that we love. To celebrate these awesome products, we’re giving away free bags of Aveda samples with every star product purchase! Check out the lineup to see if your favorite product is listed. Never tried one of these popular products? Now’s […]

Wedding Makeup We Love

The fall is one of the busiest seasons for weddings, and our stylists are spending their weekends at VICI Capilli dolling up beautiful brides. If you’re looking for bridal makeup inspiration, we found a few of our favorite go-to looks for brides-to-be. Bridal makeup should be glowy, soft and elegant, and it looks amazing on […]

5 of our Favorite Updo Tutorials

5 of our Favorite Updo Tutorials

The fall is one of the busiest times for updos. These months are filled with weddings and formal dances, which means your hair needs to be beautiful, elegant and (hopefully) easy. These 5 updo tutorials will help you create the perfect, simple updo. If you want something intricate, join us at VICI. Easy Updo French […]

Why You Should Invest in Waxing

Why You Should Invest in Waxing

If you have never gotten your legs, armpits or brows waxed because you didn’t want to invest the time or money, you may want to reconsider. Waxing offers more benefits than shaving does and you need to wax far less often. It may seem a tad scary, but waxing is the way to go. Hair […]

5 Myths About Skincare


It seems there’s always something new on the market to help with aging, or there’s new advice on how to care for your skin. What should you be using? What advice should you act on? It can be hard to decide, and since we want our guests to have the best, healthiest skin possible, we […]

The History of the Manicure


Manicures today vary in shape, color and design. Some women grow their nails long and add stones and charms to their designs, while others keep their manicures short and stick with a solid nail or gel polish. But why do we paint our nails at all? Manicures have a rich and full history, opening a […]

5 Quick Tips to Help Your Manicure Last


You’ve just left the salon with fresh polish on your nails and you want your nails to look this amazing forever. We completely understand. Unfortunatly, as with all things, eventually your manicure will need a touch up or to be redone. However, there are a few things you can do between salon visits to help […]

The Best Red, White and Blue Hair Styles

hair salon

We had a wonderful 4th of July hanging with friends and family outside in Milwaukee, enjoying fireworks and swooning over amazing hair and makeup looks. For some hair stylists, Independence Day needed to be celebrated right down to the hair root. Here’s a few of our favorite looks we came across that already have us […]

How to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest day of the year is finally here, which means it’s officially summer! It also means that the beaches around Lake Michigan will be packed. As fun as the sand and sun can be, time at the beach can also be detrimental to your hair, if you’re not careful. Don’t worry, […]

The Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here. It’s when we show our fathers, husbands or grandfathers how much they mean to us. Typically, dads don’t take a lot of time to pamper themselves or care for their skin and hair. For Father’s Day, we love spoiling the men in our lives with hair and skincare products and […]

Summer Hair Trends We Want to Try

summer hair trends

Summer has finally reached Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and along with tan lines, picnics and festivals, we’re ready to enjoy brand new hair colors and trends. From gray hues to braid jewelry, these are the hair color and styling trends we can’t wait to try. Millennial Pink Hair You’ve probably seen this color everywhere and haven’t even […]

5 of our Favorite Aveda Products

our favorite aveda products

Looking for the perfect Aveda products? It can be hard to pick a favorite, but we tried! These are our favorite Aveda products that we recommend you try. They are perfect for just about anyone, no matter your hair or skin type: 1. Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner Infuse your hair with a calming aroma, letting […]

Our Favorite, Easy Hair Tips

Great hair doesn’t require hours of work every day. Leave the hard lifting to us when you come in for your appointment. In between appointments, though, there are really easy, simple hair tips you can do to keep your hair happy and healthy. Hair Tip #1: You can stimulate hair growth by massaging your scalp […]