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Alexa New Talent

Alexa is from Texas and loves everything about hair, beauty and Dolly Parton. Blondes and balayage are Alexa’s favorite services to perform. In Alexa’s free time she likes to travel and shop. Alexa’s favorite color is PINK.

Instagram @ alexarennebeauty


Alexandra Designer

Alexandra loves laughing and learning with both her clients and her co-workers. She enjoys cutting, styling and coloring hair, the variety keeps her day interesting. She’s bilingual, enjoys horoscopes and spending time with family and friends, but more than anything, she loves spending time with her German Shephard, Kenai!

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Blanca Stylist

Blanca has been part of the VICI family for years, working first in Dispense at VICI Beauty School. She recalls the life-changing moment when she told owner Penny Rushing that she was quitting her job.

“I told her, you’re going to lose me as an employee, but gain a student,” she said, looking back on that moment. She was nervous to return to school, but faced her fears and quickly knew cosmetology was her calling in life.

Blanca excelled in school and was invited to rejoin the VICI family as a stylist upon graduation. She’s not only an outstanding stylist, she’s fun and goofy, loves to sing, and is obsessed with her eyelashes– ask her for tips on how she gets them to be so lush!

Blanca’s parents came to California from Mexico to start a family and give them all a chance for a better life. Blanca was born in Mexico, but raised in California and has many happy memories of her childhood there. She hopes to return one day to be with family and open her own salon with mimosas overlooking the beach.

Check out Blanca’s work on her instagram: @esthela_beauty


Breanna Esthetician

Breanna loves making guests feel beautiful and happy through esthetician services. Seeing a smile on her clients’ faces makes her feel proud, knowing that she helped her guests feel cared for. Breanna is confident in all the services she provides, but she really excels at facials. Her guests tell her she has a gentle and relaxing touch. She loves pampering and educating her guests so that their skin is healthy.

Breanna is a caring and loving person who genuinely cares for the well-being of her guests. She’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed during a service. During a session with Breanna, you can free your mind and focus on being in the moment. She’s continuing to grow in her education, and she’s taken several makeup courses and airbrush classes. When she’s not working with guests, Breanna enjoys spending time with her family and her friends by going to the movies, to dinner, and on trips.



Dalaine Master

Dalaine has been a VICI hair stylist since 1994. She has worked in many areas of the industry, including as a member of VICI’s advanced education team and a school administrator. Dalaine loves to make clients feel beautiful by helping them achieve the look they’re searching for. Dalaine enjoys traveling, knitting, reading and mountain biking in her spare time.  Dalaine sometimes works so closely with our New Talent Stylists that they just want to have a mother/daughter photo taken with her!



Eric Master

If Eric isn’t outside riding his high performance bicycle on or off road, you will find him creating amazing hair! Bring your laughter and a slightly skewed sense of humor and you will enjoy the ride. Eric will show you all the tricks to bring home, so pay attention while he is making you laugh. Come see Eric soon!



Erika Master

For Erika, life is all about having fun. Whether it’s spending time with family and friends, planning her next vacation, or treating her clients with extra care, she’s having fun while doing it. Erika firmly believes that everyone deserves to treat themselves well, and that includes a great cut and color. And who better to deliver than a fun-loving stylist with many years of experience?



Inge Master

Inge has a passion for color and is open to the ideas her clients give her. She also is quick to provide recommendations for anyone who is not committed to their current look. She loves being outdoors and isn’t afraid to go hunting or fishing. She’s even happier when her two dogs are at her side.


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JJ New Talent

JJ loves meeting new people and learning new skills to keep him on top of his game. The services that he enjoys providing include women’s colors and men’s cuts. In his free time JJ loves playing basketball, watching sports, reading and writing.

Instagram @ J_thestylist09

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Kim New Talent

Kim enjoys meeting new people and helping them feel beautiful. She loves everything color and her favorite services include creating rich brunettes, icy blondes, and dimensional balayage. In her free time Kim enjoys hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants.

Instagram @ Kim.styles_official


Kristen Artist

Kristen really enjoys transforming the way people look. Whether it’s something small and subtle or something great and dramatic, having someone leave happy with their new look is satisfying. Working with hair color makes her day, and she’s always asking the master stylists questions and trying to learn from their wisdom and experience. When it comes to trends, Kristen is who you should see. She pays attention to trends on social media, especially when it comes to hair. She knows the current styles and works to stay up to date within the beauty industry. When she’s not at VICI, you’ll find Kristen creating art and elaborate costumes for herself and friends. She loves the arts, history, and going on trips. If you have been somewhere cool, she wants to hear about it. She also likes to be home with her cat playing a good video game or reading a book.


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Lisa Master

Lisa’s favorite things are simple, but very different. She loves taking vacations, and she loves being blonde. That doesn’t mean you have to be, but she certainly won’t be going brunette any time soon. It’s that kind of conviction that she brings to her work. She feels strongly that how a person feels about their look should be sure and confident, and she’ll do everything she can to give that to each of her clients.


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Makayla New Talent

Makayla enjoys pampering her clients and making them feel beautiful. Vivid and pops of fun color are Makyla’s favorite services to provide. She also loves updo’s for special events. Makayla also loves kids and enjoys doing kids cuts! In her free time Makayla loves creating gifts for others using her Cricut and spending time with her dog, Ferris.

Instagram @ hairbymakaylalee_

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Monica Stylist

Monica’s passion shines through in everything she does– she’s anything but boring. When she’s not working on a mermaid balayage for a client, she’s probably leading her team to victory at laser tag or jumping out of a plane as she’s getting her skydiving license.
Slide right into her salon chair and strike up a convo about horror movies, tattoos or baseball and you’ll feel right at home!

Insta: @monicasvanity_5

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Nadine Stylist

You’ll want to be friends with Nadine immediately. It’s impossible to miss her radiant, uplifting energy and warm smile– in fact, we’re pretty sure she never stops smiling! She comes to us from Hoyerswerda, Germany, where she met her husband when he was stationed in the military. Nadine had already earned her cosmetology degree and license and was starting her career, but decided to follow her husband to America at the age of 20. A few years later, they had their first child, Mila, and three years later followed Wyatt Jr.

Once her children were in school full time, Nadine decided to pick back up her career as a stylist, but her license and degree from Germany wouldn’t transfer. She was nervous going back to school because of the language barriers, but decided to face her fears. Now, having achieved her second cosmetology degree and license from VICI Beauty School, she’s ecstatic that she did it.

Nadine is genuine yet modest about her talents as a stylist; her face lights up when she talks about her clients. During a consultation, she takes the time to learn exactly what each person wants and how she can best help them acheive their look. She loves working on highlights and learning new hair cutting techniques. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, relaxing and going to Elkhart Lake.

Nadine is currently accepting new clients. Call 414.525.0100 to book your appointment today!

Instagram: @hairby_nadine2320

Nicole 1

Nicole Artist

Nicole loves being around people and while she loves everything about hair, she especially enjoys hair cutting. Her clients love their appointments with Nicole because of her uplifting attitude, and she always makes time for them. A service with Nicole is like a vacation – it is relaxing, and you always feel refreshed when it’s done! When she’s not at the salon, Nicole enjoys creating art and hanging out with her cat, Carl.


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Pao New Talent

Pao is passionate about the “WOW!” moments that she can give her clients. Her favorite services include rooted low maintenance blondes, and dramatic transformations of dark to blonde hair. Her hobbies include writing, singing and reading.

Instagram @ _hairbypao


Paris Master

Paris has an appreciation for things that work together perfectly. Mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, warm weather & sunsets, Paris & her husband – She does it every day for her clients by pairing them with their perfect look. Somehow, she just knows what works for each person. It’s a good thing, too, because pairing mac & jelly just doesn’t seem right, does it?



Sachse Esthetician

In the industry for more years than she’s willing to admit, Sachse has mastered the art of flawless waxing. She also excels at providing makeup applications and facials. She goes above and beyond to ensure that all of her clients are comfortable. She has a great understanding of Aveda products, so please ask her about your makeup and facial care needs. When she’s not hard at work, she spends her free time with her two sons and husband.


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Savannah Stylist

This firecracker of a personality has been around the world before finally moving here 5 years ago from California. She spent her childhood in Palestine, where she learned more about the culture and religion.
She has four older brothers. When each of them graduated high school in Palestine, they moved to the US. When the last brother graduated from high school, she moved to Wisconsin with him, where her aunt and cousins live. She was impressed with the education and job prospects, and started attending school for architecture at UWM. Two years later, she decided archetecture wasn’t where she wanted to be, and decided to follow her heart by attending VICI Beauty School for Cosmetology.

Savannah speaks fluent Arabic and English, but you wouldn’t know that English is her second language. “I don’t have an accent so no one ever knows,” she laughed.
If you don’t catch her at the salon… well, good luck! Savannah works three jobs just for fun. After leaving VICI, she works at a makeup store two days a week, and on Sundays she has the exciting job of helping people rent jet skiis and boats. In whatever spare time she might have left, she models for an Islamic wear boutique.
For her clients in the salon, she loves creating beautiful balayages and ombrés and does amazing makeup! For more of her work, check out @everything_beautyby_sav

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Schan New Talent

Schan loves to bring out the natural beauty in others. Her favorite services include curly cuts/styles, and thin hair cuts/styles. In Schanidar’s free time she enjoys crocheting and hanging out with her dogs, cat and frog.

Instagram @ schan_cosmotology

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Sierra Stylist

This no-nonsense lady doesn’t mess around when it comes to learning everything she can about hair care. She likes to focus on getting the exact tone of icy blonde her guests want. She recommends using purple shampoo religiously once a week and keeping up on toning treatments to keep hair healthy and shiny. “Don’t use yellow based products if you want to keep your ash or cool tones,” she cautions. Sierra is currently accepting new clients.


Stacy Master

Stacy LOVES interacting with her guests, and encouraging them to reveal their own kind of beauty. She enjoys the cutting aspect of styling the most. Creating shapes and textures in the hair is her favorite part (coloring is icing on the cake), and she prides herself on creating a truly collaborative experience for guests. She specializes in short, textured haircuts and is addicted to continuing her education, learning and watching techniques shes’s never seen before. Stacy says it’s important to bring in photos of looks you like, it makes the consultation and communication process that much easier. When not behind the chair, Stacy is spending time with her kids! An activity which she enjoys tremendously. Stacy is also a part of the Leadership Team for VICI Capilli’s New Talent Training program!


Taylor Designer

One of the things that Taylor enjoys the most about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to do fun and different things every day. Whether it’s an updo with braids or roller sets, hair sculpting takes patience, but the results are worth it when you can bring a smile to a client’s face. Taylor finds her inspiration thru the education VICI offers as well as social media like Instagram. In her spare time, she like to paint and draw, as well as learn about history, space travel and the paranormal.



Tom Master

Tom’s passion in life focuses on maintaining and repairing appearances to help make people more beautiful. In his personal life, he loves remodeling and decorating his home. For more than 25 years as a stylist, he’s been “remodeling and decorating” his very grateful clients. Luckily, he leaves the spackle at home.


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Vanessa Stylist

Would you choose to follow your dream, even if it meant taking a huge leap of faith? Vanessa’s story is about listening to your heart:
Vanessa had a stable job working in an orthodontic office. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but she could provide for herself and her daughter. Still, something was missing. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she wanted to do more. Her desire to follow her creative passion meant she’d have to leave her job, put herself through school and care for her child, all the while with bills to pay.
She knew she had to do it, so she enrolled at VICI Beauty School. Through her hard work and perseverance, she managed to not only afford school, but pay off her duplex at the same time! Not an easy feat!
At school, she discovered a new, untapped talent for men’s cuts and fades. Her instructors encouraged her to explore her talents. You can see more of her incredible, detailed work on her Instagram: @hairby_vane_
Vanessa is now accepting new clients. If you enjoyed her story, you’ll love what she can do for your hair!


Vicki Master


Victoria Stylist

Although Victoria enjoys coloring and cutting hair, she really likes the “sass” that the polished finish of a style from her gives when she’s done with a service. She is always up for a challenge and keeping up with the newest trends in the industry keeps her busy.