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Would you choose to follow your dream, even if it meant taking a huge leap of faith? Vanessa’s story is about listening to your heart:
Vanessa had a stable job working in an orthodontic office. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but she could provide for herself and her daughter. Still, something was missing. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she wanted to do more. Her desire to follow her creative passion meant she’d have to leave her job, put herself through school and care for her child, all the while with bills to pay.
She knew she had to do it, so she enrolled at VICI Beauty School. Through her hard work and perseverance, she managed to not only afford school, but pay off her duplex at the same time! Not an easy feat!
At school, she discovered a new, untapped talent for men’s cuts and fades. Her instructors encouraged her to explore her talents. You can see more of her incredible, detailed work on her Instagram: @hairby_vane_
Vanessa is now accepting new clients. If you enjoyed her story, you’ll love what she can do for your hair!