Massage Master – Shawn


We love to highlight our stylists work here at VICI Capilli. The great hair colors and stunning transformations that come out of our artists at our Milwaukee Salons are great eye candy.

At our VICI Capilli Salon & Spa – VICI Park location, a different kind of – less visual – artist is quietly at work to relaxing music under the soft glow of salt lamps.

Shawn is one of our resident massage therapists, and he is one of the best trained in the Milwaukee area.

Shawn has been helping people loosen up and relax for more than 11 years, all the while continuing his education, and knowledge of the body.

These are just some of the certifications and courses Shawn has taken while at VICI:


Continuing Education

– Gua-Shaw Therapy 2003

– Precision Neuromuscular therapy for the neck and Temporomandibular joint October 2004 Doug Nelson

– La Stone massage therapy, September 2005

– Ethics as right of power and influence, February 2007

– Treating migraine and other headaches with massage: Muscle restore technique, August 2008 Cross Country education group

-Deep tissue massage: Safe and effective techniques for common problem areas, September 2009 Cross Country education group

– Releasing Rotator Cuff 2010

– Stretch your clients, February 2010 Peggy Lamb

– Ethics one June 2012

– Massages and migraines June 2012 Center for Massage Therapy


“What’s going to make a difference is my training,” said Shawn. “It’s given me a more thorough understanding of the body and how to treat whatever it is (clients) are coming in with.”


Shawn says massage therapy is for everyone. “If you’re just looking for a 30 minute escape, to close your eyes and pretend you’re in Florida, I can do that – at a great price.” said Shawn.

Relaxation aside, where Shawn says he really excels is with athletes and recovery.


An injury of his own is what exposed him to massage therapy, and prior to VICI he worked in a pain management center treating car crash victims in a medical setting.

“I’m best at deep tissue (massage) and helping people with injuries,” said Shawn. “Knowing the body and the anatomy, helps me give people a better feeling about their injury and make it easier for them to get along with the process.”

He says massage therapy can benefit those with injury, athletes looking to increase performance, or those just looking to optimize how their body functions.

“We can increase flexibility, range of motion, trigger point release, those kinds of things,” said Shawn. “Anybody with any kind of stress can benefit, you’re going to feel the effects for days after.”

Shawn also mentioned increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure, relaxing muscle tension and an overall sense of wellbeing as effects of massage therapy.

If you’ve been considering getting a massage, now is the time! Follow the link below to request an appointment with Shawn today!

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Shawn has just gotten back from an extensive course in a new technique called Active Isolated Stretching! Find out more in the video below!