10 Lovely Valentine’s Day Manicures

10 lovely valentines day manicures

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we love to celebrate by getting our nails done. Whether you want something simple and sweet or classy and elegant for your Valentine’s Day, these ten manicures should inspire you.

1. Glittery Hearts

Glitter and hearts – what’s not to love? Use heart stickers over a glittery base, and apply your favorite black polish over top for this beautiful Valentine’s Day manicure.
glittery heart manicure

2. Love Note Manicure

Love letters are unbelievably romantic, which is why they are the perfect inspiration for a manicure. With white, black and red polish and a small detail brush, anyone can create this look.
love note manicure

3. Scrabble Love Manicure

L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see…you know the rest. This cute scrabble inspired manicure spells out exactly how you feel about that special someone.
love scrabble manicure

4. Minimalist Heart Manicure

This adorable minimalist heart design is perfect for a night out with your valentine or for an evening in.
minimal heart manicure

5. Long Distance Love Manicure


6. Polka Dot Heart Manicure

For a bubbly pink and red manicure, use polka dots! We love this look.
polka dot manicure

7. X and O Manicure

X’s and O’s – the perfect way to send hugs and kisses to your loved ones. From the little lips to the beautiful XO, we adore this whole manicure.
x and o manicure

8. Cupid Manicure

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without Cupid flying around. With the right nail stencils, you can add him to your manicure!
cupid manicure

9. Cupid’s Arrow Manicure

If you don’t have a Cupid stencil, you can easily paint his arrows onto your manicure. These little arrows are the perfect addition to a hot pink set of nails.
cupid's arrow manicure

10. Pink and Black Manicure

This adorable pink and black manicure is sure to make your valentine smile. The simple nail art makes it perfect for any occasion.
pink and black manicure

Feeling the love yet? Hopefully these Valentine’s Day manicures inspired you to create something lovely. Stop by our Park salon for your manicure today.

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