10 Things We All Love about the Hair Salon

10 things we love about the salon

A visit to the hair salon is one of the many pleasures of life. There’s something so relaxing and fun about it. At VICI Capilli Salons & Spa, we might be a little biased, but we think everyone will agree that there are plenty of reasons to love the hair salon.

1. The Scalp Massage

Let’s face it – scalps don’t get a lot of love. Backs? Sure. Feet? Of course. But how often does your scalp get a massage? The scalp massage at the shampoo bowl is one of the best parts of a salon visit.

2. The Smell of Hair Care Products

When you step into a salon, you’re met with a cacophony of amazing smells. Professional hair care products smell the best, and it’s almost as if your hair knows it’s home when you breath in the mix of Goldwell, Unite, Sebastian or Aveda.

3. Catching Up with our Favorite Stylist

Hair stylists quickly become life long friends. One of the best parts of the hair salon is catching up with your stylist. You get to talk about everything that’s going on in your life, and you get to hear what your stylist has been up to. It’s like a coffee date, but you get to leave with gorgeous hair.

4. The Personal Attention

When else do you get an hour or two devoted to just you? Your hair stylist is there for you. They make sure you’re comfy, they check to see if you want something to drink, they bring you magazines and they listen to all your stories. And who doesn’t love that kind of attention?

5. The Paraffin Hand Treatment

If your hair needs to process, your stylist might offer you a paraffin hand treatment. A wax treatment leaves your hands feeling so silky and smooth. If you live in Wisconsin, a paraffin treatment is necessary during the harsh winters.

6. Watching Hair Dressers Work Their Magic

There’s something truly magical about watching hair dressers color, cut and style hair. You walk into a salon with hair in need of some TLC, and you leave with gorgeous hair, all thanks to the magic your stylist provides.

7. How Our Hair Feels After

Is anyone else guilty of running their hands through their hair after an appointment? It takes a lot of self-control not to if you get a special style done. You don’t want to mess it up, but your hair never feels as soft as it does right out of the salon.

8. No More Split Ends!

Split ends can make any hairstyle look less than fabulous. Getting them all chopped off feels like such an accomplishment. It’s like a victory over your hair! Goodbye split ends.

9. The Feeling of the Blow Dryer

Need we say more? That’s something so soothing about the whirring and warmth of the blow dryer. And when it’s really cold outside, a warm blow dryer feels even better!

10. All the Compliments We Get

The best part about the hair salon? All the compliments you get when you leave the building! Your self-esteem goes up, you feel more confident and your hair is healthy. What’s not to love?

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