5 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Hair

5 little changes thatll make a big difference for hair

If you’re like us, you love mixing up your hairstyle. But always changing your hair color can be damaging and once you chop off your hair, you have to wait for it to grow before you can mix it up again. Who has the patience for that? There are small changes you can make that will make a big difference for your hair, not just in style but for its health, too!

1. Change Your Ponytail Location

If you always wear your ponytail in the same spot every day, not only can your hairstyle get boring, but you could be damaging your hair. The consistent tugging on the same part of your scalp causes the hair strands to weaken. This can lead to balding.

Make a little change to your routine by switching up the location of your ponytail. A high ponytail looks flirty and fun. A ponytail at the nape of the neck looks professional and can be elegant if slicked back. It doesn’t matter how you wear your ponytail – just make sure it’s different every day.

2. Drink More Water

Hydration, hydration, hydration – we can’t stress enough how important water is for the health of your hair. It’s a small change, but drinking more water will make a huge difference in your hair. When hair is properly hydrated, it feels much softer and looks healthier.

3. Switch Up Your Part

Yep, it’s that simple! Changing where your part lays can be a simple way to change the way your hair looks. Plus, it’s really good for your hair. By not allowing your hair to fall into the same position every day, your roots stay upright and breathing. You’re also giving certain parts of your hair a break from the daily singe of a flatiron. Heat in the same spot can decrease the porosity of the hair, which creates dry spots.

4. Cut Your Bangs

One of the easiest ways to make a big difference in your hair is to get bangs. If you want a new hairstyle but you don’t want to lose your length, bangs will satisfy that craving for change. While a fringe or micro-bangs might be a bigger change than you want, going with longer, layered bangs isn’t intimidating. Plus, they grow out easily.

5. Use a Hair Mask

Do you have twenty minutes free at some point in your week? Then you can add a hair mask to your weekly routine. You put your hair through a lot in a week, and by the time Saturday rolls around, it needs a little TLC. A mask will repair any damage caused throughout the week. We love Aveda’s Intensive Hydrating Mask to put moisture back in our hair.

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