5 Quick Tips to Help Your Manicure Last

5 Quick Tips to Help Your Manicure Last

You’ve just left the salon with fresh polish on your nails and you want your nails to look this amazing forever. We completely understand. Unfortunatly, as with all things, eventually your manicure will need a touch up or to be redone. However, there are a few things you can do between salon visits to help your manicure last. Your nails can look as great during week two or three as they did right after your appointment.

1. Reapply Top Coat Every Two to Three Days

Applying a clear top coat every few days will protect your nails from chipping and will enhance shine.

2. Avoid Hand Sanitizer

Always use a mild soap over hand sanitizer to protect your manicure. Hand sanitizer dries out nails and can destroy top coats.

3. Apply Nail Oil to Prevent Breaking


Weak, damaged nails break just like hair. Use nail oil daily to keep nails moisturized, healthy and strong. They’ll be less likely to crack and break, which would ruin your manicure.

4. If Your Nails Chip, Create a Mini French Manicure

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Daily wear and tear can chip off polish at the very tips of your nails. When this happens, add a thin line of a new color to create a chic French manicure.

5. Wear Gloves when Doing the Dishes

The fastest way to mess up your manicure? Submerge it in hot water and cleaning chemicals. Wear gloves when you do the dishes or, even better, don’t do the dishes at all!

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