DIY Holiday Hair and Makeup Ideas

Need a little inspiration for your holiday party looks? Whether you’re off to Thanksgiving dinner, you’re hosting a Christmas party or you’re ready to get down on New Year’s Eve, VICI Capilli has ideas on how you can look your best.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are similar to French braids, but these beautiful plaits sit above the hair. Think of it as an inside-out French braid. Instead of lying hair over each other, you cross hair under each other. It may take a little bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be ready for any holiday festivity.

Why They’re Perfect for the Holidays

We love the Dutch braid for parties because it looks romantic and soft, especially if you add whispy curls to frame your face. It looks like you spent a lot of time on your hair, when really this hair style doesn’t take much effort (once you’ve got it down). Plus, your hair will be out of your face as you devour a turkey leg dipped in mash potatoes (we don’t judge) or when you’re showing your friends how to properly bust a move on the dance floor. Check out Missy Sue’s tutorial on a gorgeous Dutch braid and messy bun.


Big, Loose Curls

Big curls look amazing at any event. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to a casual family get-together or a black tie event, loose curls will complete any look.

Why They’re Perfect for the Holidays

In addition to looking good at any party, big curls are easy to do. You’ve got enough to worry about around the holidays – becoming a hair stylist over night shouldn’t be on your mind. With the right products (like Goldwell Style Sign Big Finish Volume Hairspray and KMS California Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oil) you can have big, beautiful curls in no time. Don’t forget to tease your crown for added volume! The Teacher Diva has an excellent tutorial you can follow to create this stunning hairstyle.


Glitter Head Bands

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a little sparkle, right? Glittery hair accessories are an easy to way take your hairdo from everyday to holiday-ready.

Why They’re Perfect for the Holidays

Literally any hairstyle you’re currently rocking can be ready for a holiday party just by adding a hairband with a little sparkle. A DIY version is inexpensive and simple to make. If you have kids, you’re probably prepared for a holiday craft mess at some point, and while the kids are working on Christmas cards and macaroni wreaths, you can whip up a glitter headband. Anna Newell Jones shows you exactly how to do it with her DIY glitter headband tutorial.

glitter headband

Matte Red Lips

Who else loves a classic red lip? You can’t go wrong with this holiday makeup look.

Why They’re Perfect for the Holidays

Matte lipstick has mega staying power. While it’s more drying than typical lipstick, liquid matte lipsticks will hold up far better while you devour turkey or sugar cookies. Don’t worry about checking your lipstick every five minutes. Instead, you can enjoy the meal with your family and friends. To really lock in color, we recommend lining and filling your lips with a lip liner like Rubis from Rain Cosmetics first. Check out Fashion Lady’s advice on wearing matte red lipstick.

matte red lips

Gold Eye Shadow

Nothing feels as glamorous as shimmering gold eye shadow. This radiant look can be created using a variety of eye shadows and brushes (we personally love Sahara from Rain Cosmetics) which means anyone can create it.

Why It’s Perfect for the Holidays

Wearing a gold smokey eye is like wearing a party on your face. It really only takes two to three eye shadow colors and a little liner, and you’ll look stunning for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It matches anything, so no matter what outfit you choose or hairstyle you go with, gold eye shadow will look amazing. Pro tip: Apply your color with a wet brush. It will make the pigment look even more vibrant and you’ll shine as bright as a tree topper. Teni Panosian has a fantastic tutorial to show you how it’s done.

We hope these do-it-yourself hair and makeup ideas help you create the perfect holiday look. We know we’ll be trying them! If you’d rather leave your holiday glam to the professionals, you can schedule your appointment at any of our salons. There’s still time to get in before the holidays! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we hope you all feel beautiful.