Hair Stylist Super Powers

hair stylist super powers

Have you ever wondered how hair stylists manage to do everything they do? We have a suspicion that our stylists are super human, and that’s how they are able to create so many gorgeous hair styles in a day. The odds are, though, that our hair dressers, and all the other stylists out there, are simply amazing people who possess amazing hair abilities. We couldn’t be more grateful for hair stylist super powers – if not for them, we would never have another good hair day!

1. Super Memory

Stylists have a lot to keep track of, and their job would be much harder if it wasn’t for their incredible memory. Have you ever sat down in your stylist’s chair months after your last appointment, and you hair dresser asks “How was your daughter’s birthday party?” or “How is your Algebra class going?” How did your hair dresser remember your last conversation? And how does your stylist remember exactly how you like your hair cut or what color you like? It would be easy to say it’s because all hair dressers possess the super human ability to recall every detail of everyone’s life, but really it’s because a hair dresser’s day revolves around details. Hair dressers are trained to be meticulous perfectionists, and every detail is important. Plus, you’re the guest, and you’re important to your stylist. Of course your hair dresser is going to remember that your dog’s name is Rufus and that your favorite color is blue. Stylists build a lot of wonderful relationships with their guests, and soon you’ll feel more like friends than anything else.

2. Super Speed

A hair dresser’s super speed is often hidden from the guest’s eyes. Hair dressers don’t speed through cuts and colors, but when they are on their break, you should see these stylists fly! Hair dressers make and eat lunch, use the restroom, check their email, call their significant other, and fix their hair and makeup all in a matter of minutes. There’s not a lot of down time on the salon floor, which means all other tasks they need to complete in a day happen in small time pockets throughout their schedule. It’s amazing what a hair dresser can complete in 5 minutes!

3. Super Strength

For hair dressers, every day is leg day. The continuous standing definitely requires super leg and feet strength. Hair dressers are always standing, walking or bending over in some way, which requires full use of their strength and stamina. To showcase their strength even more, some hair dressers work in heels! Visiting a hair salon is like watching a bunch of Wonder Woman’s cut, color and style hair. How the men and women industry do it, we’ll never know.

Hair dressers are amazing people, and we appreciate the hard work they do every day. We often don’t see everything they do, but thanks to them, our hair always looks amazing. If you want to see our amazing hair stylists in action, you can book an appointment at our Park, Bayshore or Brookfield salon.