Our Favorite DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is about a week away, and we’re excited to become witches, ghouls and goblins. We’re creatives, and we love getting to create unique hair and makeup styles on All Hallow’s Eve. If you’re still not sure what to dress as for Halloween, maybe a few of our favorite tutorials will inspire you. If you’re not sure you can create these looks yourself, book your appointment at one of our salons and our cosmetologists can help!

Medusa Using Fish Nets

To create a Medusa look, you can use a lot of products you likely already own. You’ll need various green and gold eye shadows to start. If you have green face paint and gold glitter, those will help enhance your costume, but they aren’t necessary. What you definitely need are fishnet stockings. Use them like a stencil on your forehead and on your cheeks to create easy scales.

Werewolf Makeup

For this DIY Halloween costume, you’ll need a lot of brown eye shadows. Essentially, you’re creating an exaggerated smoky eye with a heavy contour. You’ll also want to pencil in your brows upwards so you have no arch, and use glue and concealer to cover the natural tail of your brow. For fur, you can use face paints or liquid liner.

Glamorous Mummy Makeup

Mummies are classic Halloween characters, but their makeup can seem intimidating. If you want something a little more glam than gory, you’ll want to follow along with this tutorial. Using browns, taupes and blacks, you’ll narrow your face, hollowing out cheeks, eyes and your forehead. Add a little gauze around your neck, and you’re ready to go!

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