Spring Hair Trends: The Colors You Need to Try

spring hair trends

Spring is almost here (we think! In Wisconsin, you never know.) With the warmer months and sunshine on its way, it’s time to try something new with your hair. Shake off that cabin fever and and bring your spring hair into the new season.

Strawberry Blonde

Source: Marie Claire

If you’re tempted to try red, this season is the perfect time to make a transition. Strawberry blonde is in. It’s a beautiful hue, especially for paler skin. The warm tones will add color to your skin even if you aren’t tan.

Bold Reds

Hair by Angel, Mary and Vivian

You could take the plunge and go full red this spring! Copper tones will be especially popular. If you’re already a redhead, try adding little highlights to brighten up your color. If you’re not a natural red head, make sure you’re using shampoo and conditioner that protect hair color. If you’ve never colored your hair red before, your hair cuticles will need time to adjust and close around the new color. Avoid washing your hair for as long as you can and use dry shampoo.

Blondes Have More Fun

Hair by Angela, Katie and Angel

We’re not sure if the old adage is true, but this spring is the time to find out if blondes do, in fact, have more fun. Springtime is always popular for blonde hair, but this spring we want to add highlights that frame the face and lighter ends to brighten up the look.

Get Your Blend On

Hair by Vivian and Esther

Beautiful blends are in. Women will want gorgeous sombre styles, which is much softer than an ombre. A sombre looks natural and the lighter color on the bottom of hair is typically a closer shade to a client’s original hair color than with an ombre. Even if you choose to go with a totally different color than your natural hair, the trend is to blend, blend, blend.

Which hair trend are you going to try this season? If you’re ready for something new, book your appointment at any of our Milwaukee salons.

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