Summer Hair Trends We Want to Try

Summer hair trends we want to try

Summer has finally reached Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and along with tan lines, picnics and festivals, we’re ready to enjoy brand new hair colors and trends. From gray hues to braid jewelry, these are the hair color and styling trends we can’t wait to try.

Millennial Pink Hair

You’ve probably seen this color everywhere and haven’t even noticed. The pastel pink is all over, from drinks to decor. Even hair has been taken over by this beautiful hue. Millennial pink lives somewhere between a true pink and blush, and it’s the perfect shade for women who want to upgrade their blonde color. If you have dark hair, you can try this too. You’ll just need to make a few trips to the salon.

Blonde Grey Hair

It’s not quite blonde. It’s not quite grey. This summer trend has the best of both worlds, mixing together highlights of blonde and grey to create a one of a kind color. Essentially, this hair color is a very dimensional ash blonde. If you ground this look with dark roots, it’s modern, yet classy.

A Subtle Two Tone

It’s common for clients to go lighter with their color in the summer, but with a subtle two tone look, you can go lighter without a drastic change. It’s perfect for brunettes. Roots stay dark and your balayage or low lights are just a tad lighter. It’s subtle, yet beautiful, and adds just enough color for a polished look. Plus, with your busy summer schedule, you won’t need to worry about constant appointments to touch up roots.

Hair Eclipting

In late 2016, Aveda released videos and photos demonstrating their innovative technique called “ecplipting.” Much like how makeup can highlight and contour your face, placing strategic light and dark colors in hair can beautifully frame your face. According to Ian Michael Black, Aveda global artistic director, hair color, “We’re using hair color to create subtle shading placed under a fringe and around the face to gently contour the guest’s natural and distinct beauty. The result is customized hair color that serves a purpose of emphasizing and celebrating the guest’s individual beauty.” This technique will grow even more popular during the summer.

Undone Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a staple for summer styling. This year, though, the messier the better. Undone and unkept waves will be everywhere – from the beach to dinner. Use your curling iron on a few random places in your hair for dimension and finish with a texturizing spray.

Mini Braids

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your style this summer, add a few mini braids. These act like accessories for your hair and add just the right amount of “festival vibe.” Plus, they couldn’t be easier to incorporate!

Braid Jewelry

If you want actual accessories for your hair, invest in hair piercings and braid jewelry. These casual pieces turn any style into a Summerfest worthy hairdo. You can decorate your braids with cuffs, hoops and small rings – all of which looks gorgeous.

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