The Best Blondes for Spring

best blondes for spring

We’re ready for spring – warm weather, sandals and blonde hair. With the changing seasons comes changing hair trends and we’ve picked our favorite blonde looks we can’t wait to create this spring. Yellow and brassy tones are fun, but this spring we’re in love with cool blonde tones. Cool blondes create dimension and shading. For that perfect, lived-in look, go for this new color.

Natural Shading

Natural shading creates a complete bohemian feel like you’re ready for the beach. A blonde color like this feels very natural and has the “I woke up like this” feel towards it. It’s subtle, yet gorgeous.

Multi Shading

If you want a more sophisticated blonde color, we love the multi shading technique to create an elegant edge. Everything about this color says that you’re trendy and refined.
cool blonde

Soft Shading

For subtle dimension in your hair, we’re ready to create soft shading. It’s pretty and innocent and creates a gorgeous color everyone will love.

Deep Shading

If you want to go lighter for spring but you don’t want to go full blonde, deep shading would be perfect for you. A mix of brown and blonde cool tones will lighten your hair enough for the new season but maintain your brunette color. Deep shading has a glamorous feel that we adore.

Goldwell launched a complete collection of Cool Blonde looks that we can’t wait to try. If you’re ready to go lighter for the warm months ahead, let’s set up an appointment. The hottest new trend is actually “cool” and we can’t wait to help you transform your hair.

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