The Path to a Working in a Professional Salon

the path to working in a professional salon

The path to working in a professional salon is more difficult than you may think. Hair stylists are well-trained in so many different areas. They undergo a year of school, and then often a year of apprenticeship or training at a salon. After that, they can call themselves a stylist.

So what does it take to become a professional stylist? Education, education, and education.The stylists at VICI Capilli graduated from beauty school, but they don’t let their education stop there. We host many guest educators to further our stylists’ careers. From updos, and makeup to color and cuts, hair stylists keep practicing in different classes even after they have their license. A hair stylist needs to understand that the learning never stops.

If you’re interested in starting your journey towards working in a salon, you’ll need a great school with great resources. Check out some of the resources provided by VICI Beauty School, the school many of our stylists attended:

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Do you know someone who would be an amazing hair stylist? Or maybe you think you would be! Working in a salon requires a lot of training, creativity and passion, but it’s a wonderful career if you’re willing to work at it. To learn more about beauty school and the training that starts your career in this industry, visit VICI Beauty School.

If you want to see our stylists’ training first hand, book your appointment at any of our Milwaukee salons.

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