The Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day

the perfect gifts for fathers day

Father’s Day is almost here. It’s when we show our fathers, husbands or grandfathers how much they mean to us. Typically, dads don’t take a lot of time to pamper themselves or care for their skin and hair. For Father’s Day, we love spoiling the men in our lives with hair and skincare products and services! Here are a few of our favorite gifts for Father’s Day.

18.21 Hair Spray

18.21 hair spray

If your dad doesn’t like using hair products because they smell too feminine, this is the perfect product for him. 18.21‘s Premium Hair Spray offers the rich, masculine aroma of sweet tobacco while providing flexible hold. It’s easy to layer for more hold and it’s fast drying.

Aveda Men Pureformance Shampoo and Conditioner


Did you know that men’s scalps are different than women’s? Some men produce more oil than women, which means they are more prone to producing dandruff. That’s why it’s important that the shampoos and conditioners that men use focus on cleansing, while also conditioning and moisturizing the hair. Aveda’s Men Pureformance Shampoo and Conditioner is proven to leave scalps feeling calmer, healthier, less irritated and less itchy. We love it because after just two weeks, 72% of men experienced a reduction in oiliness and greasiness, and 65% experienced a reduction in scalp dryness and itchiness.

Goldwell Men’s Reshade Service

mens reshade

Book an appointment for your father and give him a few moments to himself. Men’s Reshade is a quick and easy service that adds on to any haircut appointment. It creates a fresher, younger look in a matter of minutes. Hair looks fuller, and your dad will feel like a new man. We know dads are busy, which is why this service only takes 5 extra minutes.

Custom Relaxation Massage

men's massage

Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat your dad to something he wouldn’t purchase for himself. Our fathers are hard-working, busy men. When do they take time to unwind? Maybe a massage isn’t the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spoiling Dad, but it’s 90 minutes of relaxation your dad will actually love! He won’t be expecting it (and maybe he’ll even be a little aprehensive if he’s never had a massage before), but trust us when we say, a custom relaxation massage is one of the BEST ways to help your father relax.

Found the perfect gift? Stop into our salons and finish shopping for Father’s Day at VICI Capilli in Milwaukee.

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