The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Hair

the worst advice weve heard about hair

It’s out there. We know it’s out there – terrible advice about your hair. Your best friend’s mom’s cousin might not know everything there is about hair so maybe you shouldn’t take her advice. And the internet, while it gives us hilarious cat videos, doesn’t always know how hair works. As a word of caution, we thought we’d share some of the worst hair advice we’ve heard.

You Can Use Hair Products to Get Rid of Split Ends

We would love to tell you that there’s a magical product out there that will take two pieces of split hair and put them back together. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t exist, though. There are products that can smooth split ends and lessen their appearance, but those splits will still be there. The best (and only) way to remove split ends? You need to cut them. A quick appointment with your stylist will do far more good for your hair than any tonic or creme. A haircut probably won’t cost any more than those “miracle” products either!

You Need to Lather, Rinse AND Repeat

Its right there on the shampoo bottle, so it must be true, right? Actually, one thorough wash with your shampoo should be enough. If you have a buildup of residue or product, you may want to wash with shampoo twice, but typically your hair will be cleansed from one shampooing.

You Should Brush Your Hair 100 Times

Unless you’re a fairy tale princess, there’s no need to brush your hair so much. Brushing hair should evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair and remove tangles and knots. Excessive brushing can actually cause breakage. Brushing your hair 100 times a day will not help your hair grow faster. Keeping your hair healthy will!

You Must Trim Your Hair to Make It Grow

The ends of your hair have nothing to do with hair growth. Your hair is technically dead. If you want your hair to grow, you need to think about your scalp and roots. So why does your hair dresser always stress the importance of coming back for trims? Split ends give the illusion of thin hair. You lose the look of fullness when your ends get scraggly. Plus, if you’re hair keeps breaking, any growth your hair does will snap off at the end. Your hair will also appear uneven. Trims keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous.

The myths out there go on and on. Do your research and talk to your hair stylist. They’ll help you decide the best way to care for you hair!

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