VICI’s Favorite Halloween Tutorials: Skulls

Halloween is almost here, and the creative juices are definitely flowing at VICI Capilli salons! But when you love hair and makeup as much as we do, of course Halloween would be one of our favorite times of year. To share our excitement, each Wednesday this month, we are going to share our favorite Halloween Youtube tutorials to inspire you.

You can’t have Halloween without skulls and skeletons. While it’s easy to place plastic bones around your home, the idea of painting a creepy skull across your face seems a little terrifying. Thankfully, these makeup artists have put together great videos to show us exactly how it’s done. After checking out these makeup tutorials, your costume will be far more scary than the thought of face painting.

1. Half Skull Tutorial

2. Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial

3. Glamour Skull Tutorial

Feeling spooky yet? We know we’re ready to transform our faces! Forget contouring – skull cheekbones are the next best thing.

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