Why You Should Invest in Waxing

Why You Should Invest in Waxing

If you have never gotten your legs, armpits or brows waxed because you didn’t want to invest the time or money, you may want to reconsider. Waxing offers more benefits than shaving does and you need to wax far less often. It may seem a tad scary, but waxing is the way to go.

Hair Regrowth is Slower

Waxing pulls hair out from the root, so regrowth is much slower than shaving. Hair growth turn around is between 3 and 4 weeks, whereas shaving is a few days to a week. Hair growth and coarseness does vary from person to person, but you should wait about a month between waxing appointments.

Regrowth is Thinner

If you wax regularly, you’ll notice that your hair starts to grow in thinner and finer. Many women notice that hair becomes sparse and less coarse. Regular waxing impacts the hair bulb, which is why growth is thinner. This is great for legs, the bikini line and armpits. Keep this in mind for eyebrows, though, should you ever want to grow them out thicker. And just a side note – shaving does not cause your hair to grow in thicker. That myth has been busted!

There are no Nicks or Cuts

Shaving often leaves small cuts behind, especially if you’re using a fresh blade. If your skin is susceptible to discoloration, even the smallest nick can leave behind a scar. When you wax, there are no cuts, which means there are no scars.

There’s Often Less Skin Irritation with Waxing

If you have sensitive skin, shaving can cause rashes, irritation and bumps. These are often painful and itchy; however, waxing, while slightly painful in the moment, is far less irritating in the long run. If you’re experiencing problems after waxing, make sure you’re seeing a reputable esthetician who is doing the procedure correctly.

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