Why Your Blonde Turns Brassy (And How to Fix It!)

why your hair turns brassy

Cool blonde colors are in this season, but if you’re not maintaining your hair properly, your color could turn brassy. Brassy blonde colors tend to have unwanted warmth in them, like an extra orange or yellow hue. If your hair is starting to turn, there are ways to save it.

Why Your Hair Turned Brassy

Wondering why your lovely blonde hair is losing its cool, ashy tone? Lots of factors contribute to this – shampoo with sulfates, salt water, sun exposure, minerals in water and other chemical hair processes. When your hair is colored by a stylist with a gorgeous blonde shade, the molecules of your hair color are perfectly balanced. The ashy, cool tones lie over top the warm tones in your hair and it all works perfectly. However, your hair color fades, the cool toned molecules get lifted away, and the warm color underneath becomes them primary color. You’re now left with a brassy blonde that you just don’t love. The darker your hair is, the harder it is to lift the warmth out during the color process, and the more likely it is that your blonde will eventually turn brassy.

How Do I Fix Brassy Blonde?

If your hair is starting to look a little brassy, make sure you’re using a purple shampoo. If you want to tone down the extra yellow in your hair, purple is how you do it. On the color wheel, purple and yellow are on opposites sides, which means the two balance each other out. We love Unite Blonda shampoo and conditioner. Not only will they keep your hair color ashy, but they smell likes grapes!

Eventually, the brassiness will peek through, even if you’re avoiding salt water, sunshine and you’re using purple shampoo. When this starts to happen, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to get your hair toned. This doesn’t mean getting your hair recolored. Instead, your hair stylist is using a product to cancel out the yellows and oranges in your hair in a similar way as the purple shampoo we mentioned. Toners will keep the ashy color in your blonde hair.

If you need the brassiness taken out of your hair, set up an appointment with one of our hair stylists. You can also pick up Unite Blonda shampoo and conditioner at any of our salons.

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