Sarah – Featured Stylist

This month, we swung through VICI Capilli Bayshore Salon to find out a little more about Sarah, this month’s featured stylist!

Sarah’s main goal as a stylist is to make her guests happy and feel like a million bucks when they walk out the door.

This goal often times is about more than hair. “I’ve had people tell me I’m pretty much their therapist,” said Sarah.

Just like a good therapist, Sarah helps you set long-term goals. (In this case, for your hair!)

“I like to help clients get their hair from point A to point B,” said Sarah. “If you have your own goals, I’m happy to get you there.”

She specializes in updos, hair styles for weddings, prom, homecoming, and other special occasions.

Aside from updos, Sarah is all about change and creativity. “I like to change things up for people,” said Sarah. “Even if it’s just a pop of color, so you don’t feel like you’re looking the same all the time.

It’s the subtleties; it doesn’t have to be a huge change.”


Speaking of goals, Sarah is always honest about your expectations, if she’s sure something won’t work for you, she will let you know.

“I’m sincerely honest,” said Sarah. “I won’t lead them down a path that won’t go anywhere.”

At the end of the day, Sarah just wants to help you feel your best.

“We all know what those down days are like,” said Sarah. It’s good to go in (somewhere) and have someone treat you like a king or queen.”

In her free time, Sarah, a self-proclaimed super nerd, enjoys video games (she even built her own computer!) and outdoors activities like hiking and camping.


Check out some of Sarah’s work!

Find her on Instagram! @sarahhelenstylist


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