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Why You Should Invest in Waxing

Why You Should Invest in Waxing

If you have never gotten your legs, armpits or brows waxed because you didn’t want to invest the time or money, you may want to reconsider. Waxing offers more benefits than shaving does and you need to wax far less often. It may seem a tad scary, but waxing is the way to go. Hair […]

5 Myths About Skincare


It seems there’s always something new on the market to help with aging, or there’s new advice on how to care for your skin. What should you be using? What advice should you act on? It can be hard to decide, and since we want our guests to have the best, healthiest skin possible, we […]

The History of the Manicure


Manicures today vary in shape, color and design. Some women grow their nails long and add stones and charms to their designs, while others keep their manicures short and stick with a solid nail or gel polish. But why do we paint our nails at all? Manicures have a rich and full history, opening a […]