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This no-nonsense lady doesn’t mess around when it comes to learning everything she can about hair care. She likes to focus on getting the exact tone of icy blonde her guests want. She recommends using purple shampoo religiously once a week and keeping up on toning treatments to keep hair healthy and shiny. “Don’t use… Read More


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You’ll want to be friends with Nadine immediately. It’s impossible to miss her radiant, uplifting energy and warm smile– in fact, we’re pretty sure she never stops smiling! She comes to us from Hoyerswerda, Germany, where she met her husband when he was stationed in the military. Nadine had already earned her cosmetology degree and… Read More


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Blanca has been part of the VICI family for years, working first in Dispense at VICI Beauty School. She recalls the life-changing moment when she told owner Penny Rushing that she was quitting her job. “I told her, you’re going to lose me as an employee, but gain a student,” she said, looking back on… Read More


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Would you choose to follow your dream, even if it meant taking a huge leap of faith? Vanessa’s story is about listening to your heart: Vanessa had a stable job working in an orthodontic office. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but she could provide for herself and her daughter. Still, something was missing.… Read More



Although Victoria enjoys coloring and cutting hair, she really likes the “sass” that the polished finish of a style from her gives when she’s done with a service. She is always up for a challenge and keeping up with the newest trends in the industry keeps her busy.  



One of the things that Taylor enjoys the most about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to do fun and different things every day. Whether it’s an updo with braids or roller sets, hair sculpting takes patience, but the results are worth it when you can bring a smile to a client’s face. Taylor… Read More



Alexandra loves laughing and learning with both her clients and her co-workers. She enjoys cutting, styling and coloring hair, the variety keeps her day interesting. She’s bilingual, enjoys horoscopes and spending time with family and friends, but more than anything, she loves spending time with her German Shephard, Kenai!



Kristen really enjoys transforming the way people look. Whether it’s something small and subtle or something great and dramatic, having someone leave happy with their new look is satisfying. Working with hair color makes her day, and she’s always asking the master stylists questions and trying to learn from their wisdom and experience. When it… Read More


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Nicole loves being around people and while she loves everything about hair, she especially enjoys hair cutting. Her clients love their appointments with Nicole because of her uplifting attitude, and she always makes time for them. A service with Nicole is like a vacation – it is relaxing, and you always feel refreshed when it’s… Read More